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  • Cost Effective Membership

    You deserve affordability with amenities. Workvana provides it at a fraction of the cost of a typical coworking space and without the headaches of a coffee shop.

  • Comfortable & Inspiring

    Your surroundings influence your productivity. Workvana believes in comfortable seating, work size tables and inspiring interiors that will create work bliss.

  • City & Suburbs

    Happiness is close at hand. With hubs across the Chicagoland area, you’ll find Workvana conveniently located on your journey.

  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea

    Lose the guilt of lingering at a coffee shop. Workvana membership means you can come and go as much as you want with unlimited coffee and tea.

  • Community & Gathering

    Working remotely shouldn't turn you into a hermit. Workvana provides the perfect balance of work-focus, social connectivity and community.

  • Blazing Fast WiFi & Outlets

    Your workflow deserves peace and positive energy. Workvana provides super fast and secure Wifi and an outlet is always within reach.

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Our additional products

  • Day Pass (Non Members)

    Day pass to any location for Non Members

    $20.00Get it now