Our Story

Born out of the frustration of working in chaotic coffee shops, expensive coworking locations or homes...Workvana came to fruition.

For years, the founders would hop around coffee shops while in between meetings with clients and would get frustrated with loud and uncomfortable environments. When they would work from home they felt isolated, lonely and craved social connectivity.

Also, the daily grind of long commutes grew frustrating, so they sought ways to work productively, closer to home. They wanted to maximize time with family, personal interests, and work itself.

Our Culture

Workvana cares about local communities and we value everyone’s time. We are on a mission to empower your world. We do this by simplifying your life so that you can spend your time more productively and efficiently, allowing you to do what you love.

We respect our diverse community of talented professionals and want our members to have a great experience when they spend time with us.

We stand for empowerment, empathy, enlightenment, and equality. Our inclusive community of loyal members welcomes you to be your best and authentic self.

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