Hi Workvana Community -
In this blog post, I'll clarify how our members can invite visitors to our spaces.  

First of all, members need to purchase a Visitor Day Pass for each guest.  Visitors can't use regular member day passes.  Second, members can register their guest so that they can check in more easily.  

To purchase a pass on the website, click My Account -> Plans and benefits -> Your additional products -> See more additional products. On the next screen, chose the product you want to purchase, and whether you want a one time or recurring purchase.

On the mobile app, select Account on the bottom nav, then Price Plans.  On the following screen, select Products, then the 'Plus' sign at the bottom right.  


Next you can register your visitor so that they can check in more easily.  Your visitor will receive an email with a PIN for them to check in automatically.  Visitors can also register themselves using the tablet at our location.  

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