New Member Orientation

First of all, welcome to Workvana!  We're excited to have you join the community.  

This page outlines a few important things you should know about how our membership and platform works.  If you ever have any questions, you can always ask the local host in each location, submit a help ticket through the website, or email [email protected].  

Getting Started

Here's the first things you should do after you sign up.
  1. Fill out your profile so our community knows who you are
  2. Download our mobile app so that you can check in easily and manage your membership
  3. Book a spot at one of our locations so that you can experience Workvana

Memberships and Day Passes

We have several membership levels that include different benefits.  Unless you are part of an unlimited plan, you must have an unused day pass in your account in order to check in for the day.  If you don't have any active day passes, or you have used up all of the passes included in your membership, you can purchase additional passes through the website or mobile app.  

Checking In and Out with the Mobile App

When you arrive at a Workvana location, you need to check in at the tablet near the entrance.  Please download our mobile app so that you can use contactless check in simply by holding your phone near the tablet.  You can also manually check in using your assigned PIN number.  When you leave the space you need to check out using the same process.  

Booking a Spot

Before you arrive, you should book a spot at one of our locations.  You can do this either through the mobile app or the website under "Bookings".  


If you want to bring a visitor in to work with you, then you need to purchase a visitor pass.  You can do this through the website or mobile app, or ask the local host for help.  

Safety and Sanitization Guidelines

Before arriving, please review our Safety and Sanitization Guidelines and follow all posted regulations.