Safety and Sanitization Guidelines

Workvana prioritizes the health and safety of our community by implementing policies and procedures that serve to protect our community of employees, members, and their families. We strive to do this by adhering to our 4-Point Safety Protocols.  We have worked in collaboration with Dr. Murphy and the Northwestern Medicine group.

Workvana’s 4 Point Plan
1. Cleanliness and Sanitization
2. Social Distancing and Spacing
3. Contactless Transactions
4. Visual Signage and Safety Cues

1. Cleanliness and Sanitization
  • Countertop and surface areas will be sanitized between usage
  • Hand sanitization will be available at entry
  • Disinfect door handles and knobs
  • Anti-bacterial soap will be provided in restrooms
  • All employee and members will adhere to temperature checks
2.  Social Distancing and Spacing
  • Not open to the public
  • Members will reserve tables via our online booking system and will not be able to be reserved over capacity limits
  • Tables spaced a minimum of six feet apart
  • Members will be required to wear mask upon entering, exiting and while host or any other member is within 6-feet distance
3. Contactless Transactions
  • Contactless check in and check out with individual mobile device
  • New members will be electronically prompted to view and accept our safety protocols
  • Host will serve members coffee, tea, or water in their own beverage container
4.Visual Signage and Safety Cues
  • Visual signage will be displayed to support guidelines
  • Walking path for people to follow so they can social distance